What We Do

Small Farmers, Big Data

Our staff is working to develop a series of hard and soft programs and machines to both gather data and inform farmers of best practices. We see machine learning and farmer networks as the future of integrated agriculture, and plan on using information and on the ground networks to help feed the future.

Farmer Growth and Community

We employ field managers in each village to quickly gather and disseminate information. These farmers are learning skill based trades in the growing agro-tech sector, keeping skilled jobs in villages. The network of villages and data will help farmers from different regions exchange farming practices.

Agricultural Management

Integrated management practices help farmers track and log the inputs and outputs of their fields. An integrated calendar and yield analysis help farmers track plant growth. These systems help reduce carbon intensity of farms and the economic strain on small farmers.

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Resource Use and Planning
Efficient water and nutrient planning helps farmers provide more environmentally and economically sound food for all.
Planning for a Changing Agricultural Environment
Responsive planning based on weather, farmer reports, and machine learning helps farmers adapt to changing climatic conditions.
Farmer to Government Connections
We work with both farmers and policy makers towards a stronger, more resilient agricultural system.
Machine Learning
We are using large data systems to gather and sort data from farmers to help others produce more with less.
Integrated Weather Mapping and Tracking
We provide weather mapping and tracking results to farmers and use this to better inform future agricultural practices.
Nutrient and Soil Management
Each farmer will get soil samples tested from their farm, and get feedback on nutrient needs.