Winter Update, 2017: Startups and Soils

Winter Update, 2017: Startups and Soils


As a first post, I’d like to say hello. Our team of members has recently joined several startup communities and are looking forward to growing to serve farmers across the world.

We’re getting close to the start of the next cropping season, and our team has been hard at work getting soil samples tested and sent back to farmers in the Goliwada region of Telangana. Team member Aniket spent time in Hyderabad and Aurangabad over the winter break, meeting with field managers, farmers, and team members on the ground. We’ve been developing our farmer contact methodology, and feedback from field managers has been key to building a more responsive system. We are also collaborating with students at JNTU University in Hyderabad to develop a satellite imagery methodology to assess crop yields with remote sensing, which is super exciting. Our weather systems from Accurite are up and running, and will be capturing more information as the season begins to unfold, hopefully giving insight into effective fertilizer application.

We are competing in the Michigan Business Challenge next week, and are excited to share our ideas with investors to work with farmers everywhere. We’re currently working through our business plan with Ross Business School mentors, and are looking forward to scale up operations to start the machine learning component of Cheruvu. As with all decisions at Cheruvu, we look at impacts on small farmers and to the triple bottom line approach for guidance. Tech startup culture is sometimes seen at odds with the agricultural time frame, but we all need to nourish ourselves in a sustainable way that values producers from all parts of the globe. We’re excited to continue to find out how we fit into a developing agricultural system, and will work with farmers towards their and the earths best interests.

Over and out.  contact Cheruvu @CheruvuCo on twitter, or through this site.

Adithya and Umahesheswar Dahagama meeting with farmers / politicians in Telangana in November 2017.